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Exploring Top 6 Most Popular Supermarkets in Abuja

Are you looking for the best supermarkets in Abuja? From luxurious stores to budget-friendly options, we’ve rounded up the top spots in Abuja, Nigeria where you can shop for groceries and other household items.

Grocery shopping is one activity that almost everyone gets to do some way or another. It all depends on the scale of quantity and the location you are actually buying the item or items from.


It could be from a small vendor next door in your neighborhood or maybe a shopping mall designed to serve a much larger customer audience in the community.

Based on their shopping attributes and market place design, this article will better explain the best stores and supermarket to shop from when you are in Abuja, F.C.T Nigeria.

Learn more about the variety of supermarkets available and where to find them here!



The international branded market place offers excellent services and a convenient shopping environment. Authentic products can be purchased at relatively cheap rates and the store also offers bulk sales for customers looking to purchase items on a much larger scale of quantity.

Customers can park within the free parking space with great ease and also exit the shopping area without stress after completing their shopping routine. The well organized parking space is designed to help customers quickly get in and out of the shopping mall. 

The shopping store is well organized. This really makes it easy for customers to identify product sections and also individual products without walking around a lot.

The products that are sold in the physical store include the following:-

  • Groceries.
  • Electronics and home appliances.
  • Cosmetics, makeup and personal care products.
  • Children toys and gaming.
  • Fashion and boutique products.
  • Cake and confectionery foods.


Let’s talk about the next shopping supermaket that also offers outstanding features, just like Shoprite in terms of excellent customer service and top notch product quality with really low price rates during sales.

Literally, I mean “NEXT”. Yes, that is the name of the shopping store that is extremely good at offering the best supermarket items at reasonably low rates.

Shopping in NEXT is really exciting. From the first instance, when you make your way through the entrance of the mall and all around while you carry out your shopping activities, you can move around freely and evaluate on all your scale preference options before making any selection.

This is because it is very fast to get in and pick up items, move your cart around and even exit straight to your vehicle where you may have parked in some cases once you finish shopping.

The customer service team management is well trained and fully committed to ensuring every customer is offered the very best shopping experience while shopping in the NEXT mall.

Let's not forget about the fire incident that occured during the year 2022, that forced the supermarket giant to close sales. However, this sad occurance does'nt prevent us from assigning NEXT as one of the most recognized shopping malls in Abuja and even Nigeria.

NEXT supermarket offers an extensive range of product categories and services. These are some of the sections that any customer can buy products from when shopping with NEXT:-

  • Groceries.
  • Electronics and home appliances.
  • Cosmetics, makeup and personal care products.
  • Children toys and gaming.
  • Fashion and boutique products.
  • Cake and confectionery foods.


Best Buy supermarket is a local Abuja chain that specializes in providing customers with affordable groceries and household items.

Based on the design structure of Best Buy supermarket, they have made it fast, safe and affordable to shop for store items.

This store is known for its wide selection of farm-fresh produce and locally branded products at discounted prices.

Shopping at Best Buy Supermarket is always an enjoyable experience with friendly staff and an impressive selection of products.



CSS farms provide some of the finest fresh farm foods and also locally packaged grocery food stuff for any size of home and business. Currently, the farm itself is located in Nasarawa state, Nigeria.

Lots of customers within the F.C.T still make the short trip in order to buy the best value of naturally grown crops, live stocks and more from the customer experience center managed by CSS farms. 

CSS farms offer a wide catalogue of farm products that are manufactured and processed locally with international standard guidelines.

The experience center is a shopping supermarket environment for customers to shop for freshly packaged products with so much ease.

The pricing structure is relatively low and customers can always be rest assured that they are getting the best value for their money when they buy food and groceries from CSS farms.

The brand and supermarket store is significantly equipped with functioning world class facilities and machinery.

CSS farms huge investment and business strategy ensures that all of the stages involved with processing the farm products into finished and packaged products are carried out efficiently and to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

The list below highlights some of the products offered to customers when you shop with CSS farms:-

  • Groceries.
  • Cereals.
  • Livestock and frozen foods.
  • Package food supplements and fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Poultry feeds.
  • Cake and confectionery foods.


Nkataa supermarket is one of the oldest grocery stores in the business within F.C.T, Nigeria. They have built a genuine brand over time that has gained valuable trust from customers.

This consistency is legitimate proof that all shoppers are guaranteed the very best products at really low prices when shopping either online on the nkataa official website platform or offline within the physical store.

Nkataa supermarket is a well-structured supermarket. This makes it completely easy for anyone to move around the store to locate items.

There is also a standby store assistant to help out with any related questions or issues you may have during shopping.

Customer service and well organized store categories make it entirely fast and safe to shop on Nkataa supermarket.



Spar Supermarket is a popular Abuja supermarket that has grown in popularity over the years.

Customers can quickly make a stop and shop for groceries and other related skin and body products.

Spar Supermarket also offer sales of top brands in health and beauty products, pet care supplies, home ware items and more!

Customers can easily take advantage of the various services like ATM machines, just incase you need extra cash in hand to shop or an emergency need to shop arises.


When we make a trip to buy groceries and other supermarket-related store items, or maybe we decide to shop online, one of the major issues many of us may encounter is finding authentic products at really affordable rates. 

The present economic situation in Nigeria in general doesn’t make it any easier for shop owners and business brands or even manufacturers to offer products at cheap prices for their customers.

This is a huge challenge because it affects everyone.

With this article I believe that customers and even sellers can quickly locate and visit some of the best stores and supermarkets in Abuja, F.C.T, Nigeria in order to buy original supermarket products at very low prices.  

Collins A. Ubani
Content Creator and Web Developer
print on all collections (P.O.A)

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