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Unlocking Your Potential: Steps to Sell or Buy Instrumentals Online in Nigeria

Instrumental tracks are essential in Nigeria's vibrant music industry, creating captivating melodies and unforgettable beats.

Whether you're a talented producer looking to sell your instrumentals or a budding artist in search of the perfect track, understanding the buying and selling process is crucial for unlocking your potential.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the steps involved in selling or buying instrumentals online in Nigeria, with a focus on the best platform to use and the importance of licensing agreements.

To accurately offer easy to understand steps for selling or buying instrumentals online on migo express Nigeria, I would segment the process into two parts.

The first segment is for the seller, otherwise known as the music producer, and the second for the buyer, also known as the music artiste.

By mastering these strategies, you can take your music career to new heights. So let's begin:


Section 1: Selling Instrumentals Online in Nigeria

1. Apply to become a seller on Migo Express:

To start selling your instrumentals, apply to become a seller on Migo Express Nigeria's platform.

Visit the link and select to sell in the section "Entertainment". Make sure you fill out all the required details correctly before submitting the application.

2. Verify and activate your seller account:

Once your application is approved, verify and activate your seller account to gain access to the platform's features.

Make sure to complete your profile after activating your seller account. Fill out the bank account information and your online store details.

3. Upload your digital products and audio files:

Upload your instrumentals and other related digital products, ensuring they meet the platform's requirements and guidelines.

The tracks you upload should not be less than 1min and not above 2mins. The short audio file is to showcase to your potential buyer a glimpse of what the instrumental contains.

4. Receive online orders and booking requests:

As a seller, you'll receive orders and booking requests from potential buyers interested in your instrumentals.

You'll be contacted by Migo Express officials on how to proceed with the required steps. At this stage, a customer has already paid for your beat or instrumental but hasn't received the complete package.

Complete and sign the transfer of deed contract:

Before finalizing the transaction, both parties need to review, complete and sign the transfer of deed contract to ensure a legally binding agreement.

6. Submit the zipped file of the instrumental:

The zipped file must include all patches, plugins and libraries used for the entire project.

At this stage, the payment will be transferred into the seller's migo express online account.

7. Get paid immediately:

The amount can be processed immediately into the producer's bank account after a cash out request has been submitted by the seller from the application.

Section 2: Buying Instrumentals Online in Nigeria


1. Create a free Migo Express customer account:

If you're an artist looking for instrumentals, create a free customer account on Migo Express Nigeria's platform.

A welcome bonus of ₦500.00 awaits you.

2. Listen to short instrumentals online for free:

Browse through the available instrumentals and listen to short snippets for free to find the perfect track.

Use the filter functionality to sort tracks based on genres and prices.

Visit the link to preview and listen to instrumentals of all genres.

3. Place your booking request:

When you've found the beat or instrumental you want, place a booking request to indicate your interest.

The booking request is absolutely free of charge.

4. Pay the fee for the instrumental:

If the chosen instrumental is not available for free, proceed with the payment for the track using the platform's secure payment system.

For instrumentals with fee payments, a timer is set to ensure that you are able to comply to your commitment.

Failure to make the payment before the scheduled deadline will result to the cancelation of your booking request and order.

The time limit is 30 minutes upon receiving the online quotation.

5. Complete and sign the transfer of deed contract:

Once payment has been made online using the secure payment gateway, your order will automatically be updated.

At this stage we ensure that both parties review, complete and sign the transfer of deed contract to guarantee a legitimate transaction between the producer (seller) and artiste (customer).

6. Download the zipped file package of the instrumental:

After the transaction is completed, download the zipped file package containing the instrumental, including all necessary files.


The Migo Express Nigeria platform is a reliable and transparent marketplace for buying and selling instrumentals online in Nigeria.

By following these steps, sellers can successfully sell their instrumentals and receive prompt payment, while buyers can find and purchase high-quality instrumentals for their projects.

By leveraging this platform and understanding the importance of licensing agreements, you can unlock your potential and achieve success in Nigeria's vibrant music industry.

Remember to connect with us on Migo Express Nigeria to explore the wide range of instrumentals available and start your journey towards musical greatness.

Collins A. Ubani
Content Creator and Web Developer
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