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Top 10 free payment gateways in Nigeria to receive card payments online

Well recognized brands in the E-industry are gradually shifting towards 100 percent online management systems to offer sales to willing buyers. The global crisis (COVID 19), has affected a lot of businesses around the world. In some parts of the world, the pandemic still poses great risks to citizens and also businesses.

This situation is definitely an eye opener for every business owner within the e-commerce sector and for those contemplating about going into the e-commerce business. The current trend and the increase in the number of online users is a clear and genuine perspective that will end the debate about the true essentials of e-business and internet based transactions.


This article will help you understand the top 10 best payment gateways in Nigeria that you can safely integrate with your e-commerce platform in order to receive card payments directly from your customers.

E-commerce today has evolved in so many ways and methods. You can quickly find free amazing toolkits and libraries to integrate seamlessly with your website platform. Most of these payment platforms in Nigeria are necessary for merchants, traders and individuals within the e-business trading domain.

When you set up your e-commerce store you will definitely need a check-out page to store customer shopping cart items and also create a unique order ID for reference purposes. But most importantly, you will need to process card payments to complete transactions.

Within this article, you will find valuable insights about the necessary requirements to set up your own payment gateway system for free and you will also, find out the reasons why these payments gateways are trusted and completely reliable for any established or start up business owner.


1. Flutterwave

Flutterwave is a free to use payment gateway service that helps all scales of businesses and individuals collect payments through the integrated payment gateway system. It is really simple and fast to setup and create a payment api that will receive card payments from anywhere in the world.

Business owners can also list products and advertise services online via flutterwave app for free without any subscription plans or hidden charges attached to this feature. It is really exciting and completely rewarding when you transact online using flutterwave, because you get to manage every activity of your online sales and also monitor your payments effectively all in one application.

To set up a flutterwave payment account will require your BVN number, Bank Account Number and other financial details. Business owners will need extra documentation and address verification such as C.A.C certificate and proof of address.


2. Paystack

Paystack is one of the big guns that started it first in Nigeria. Longevity has placed paystack on a unique scale in terms of trust and security related matters. The truth is, a lot of startup businesses currently in Nigeria will most likely owe their business success to paystack.

Migoexpress and printivo and few other startup e-commerce brands have successfully integrated the paystack API’s on their website for their customers to shop online and complete payment transactions, because of the level of trust that paystack offers.

Back then, in the early days, it was mostly foreign based payment gateways infrastructures that provided the means for individuals or business owners to receive online payments from their customers in Nigeria. Paystack is definitely leading the way as one of the best payment gateway in Nigeria with amazing perks and tools to help clients close more e-business deals.

Paystack now offers extensive features and payment functionalities. When it comes to accepting payments online paystack is one of the guru’s in the game. The newest acquisition made by stripe which is also a well recognized payment institution based in the United States is clearly a sound proof that paystack is completely equipped and capable to serve any business owner or individual the best card payment processing system services anywhere in the world.


3. FirstPay

Firstpay is one of the popular payment solutions in Nigeria. FirstPay offers an all-in-one payment solution that helps merchants securely integrate the Api system on their website in order to receive payments online.

As a merchant collecting card payments with firstPay, it is interestingly borderless and also offers valuable insights with clear in-depth analysis of every aspect related to your online store monetary transactions.

The payment solution provides a world class customer services team and 24/7 technical assistance for every merchant using FirstPay Api link to transact. You can be rest assured that every activity that concerns financial details, successful payments, accounting and budgeting reports are completely accessible in real time for merchants.

The payment solution provides a seamless flow for customers to navigate options and select their preferred payment method from a list of available payment processors. To integrate FirstPay Api is very simple and requires minimal skills to fully get the payment gateway system functional and running on your website platform.


4. JumiaPay

Jumia is completely committed to offering fast and secured payment reconciliations between sellers and customers using their e-commerce website platform. The platform provides a fully integrated card payment system for all sellers and individuals using the e-commerce website.

JumiaPay sellers no longer need to worry about a means of collecting card payments from their clients when they eventually make sales from the Jumia market place.

The jumiaPay system provides extra services such as Loans, Mobile/Wi-Fi Data Recharge, Dstv/Gotv subscription, Electricity Bill payments etc. The approach showcases more online services to merchants, while they use the platform to carry out their business activities.

Sellers can quickly process other payment opportunities within the payment application with so much ease. This makes JumiaPay fast and reliable for customers.


5. GTPay

This is one of the best financial industries today in Nigeria. GTpay is owned by the well known GTbank. GTpay provides extremely fast digital payment solutions for global merchants who utilize the payment api to carryout bank transfers and other card payment processing activities.

This opportunity sets the stage for both local and foreign business owners to effectively process transactions and business deals without any stress. Users of the GTpay api enjoy 24/7 technical support, with a standby dedicated account manager to offer assistance and support when ever merchants and customers have technical difficulties.


6. KongaPay

KongaPay is a great option when it comes to collecting card payments. Business owners or individuals can securely transact with peace of mind. The structure of the website is almost similar to jumiaPay.

When you register as a seller on konga the kongaPay app is automatically attached to your merchant account. This means with a konga seller account you can instantly begin to enjoy the benefits of the kongaPay features with ease. The payment gateway system is free to use and completely easy to manipulate for anyone with little computer/internet experience.

You can quickly list your products and monitor sales all in one account at your convenience. This will definitely lead to a high conversion rate for your business because you no longer need to add extra fees on the cost of the products you sell online example:- bank charges or hidden fees. These are good reasons why clients/customers would love to shop from your online store, due to the affordable rates you offer during sales.


7. Remita

The remita payment processing system is one of the most reliable and unique payment services in Nigeria. The gateway system has been in existence for a pretty long time. Within this period remita has definitely proven to be amongst the big guns when it involves the processing of card payment and delivering precise monetary transactions details for merchants.

They offer high speed payment services to customers who have successfully integrated the payment gateway on their e-commerce website.

Remita is widely used all over the world and is highly accepted in the African continent. The payment structure has exciting features for customers and requires very little skills or experience to install their check-out pages on your website platform.

To setup a remita payment gateway on your website is quite straight forward with no complexity during the process.


8. VoguePay

VoguePay is never in doubt a great payment services provider. Merchants or individuals can quickly integrate the check-out pages from voguepay within minutes.

The financial institution provides 24/7 technical assistance to every customer using voguePay to collect credit card payments. They also offer extremely low tax fee deduction for merchants who make use of the payment system to transact.

Customers using voguePay are guaranteed 100% top quality assurance when they use voguePay to transact online. The perfectly designed UI/UX check-out page is very attractive and offers a great check-out experience when your customer use the payment api to send money online.

People love beautiful things, this is why, the check-out experience would most likely lead to more conversions when you advertise to sell online. VoguePay is clearly amongst the best payment gateway structure to integrate on your business platform.


9. PayU

Quality assurance is something most consumers like to hear, whenever they make use of a product online. This is exactly what PayU offers to their customers who make use of the check-out pages and payment links to receive money. PayU application interface is user friendly and also simple to integrate with your online business.

The African based financial services deliver’s the best payment method in Nigeria. It has excellent features that allow customers receive both local and foreign payments quickly and securely.

It has over 50,000 merchants and subscribers, this is ultimately one of the most highly rated payment gateways for any scale of business owner who intends to collect money from customers anywhere in the world.


10. Interswitch webPay

Interswitch webPay is a Nigerian based fin-tech financial solution that has been in existence for a significant period of time, making it one of the oldest payment service providers.

This achievement is surely a good reason why it is heavily recognized and valued in the African continent especially in Nigeria. The payment solution has well over 50,000 subscribers and network coverage that spans across the globe.

Interswitch webPay have successfully implemented strategic plans that delivers well organized digital payment infrastructure for small, medium and large scale business owners and individuals more efficiently.

The economic financial market is fiercely competitive and constantly changing. Interswitch webPay constantly exceeds the monetary standards by providing top quality payment methods for card transactions with fantastic UI toolkits that are very quick to integrate on your website platform.

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