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How to make free cash online in nigeria through referral network

Many online users today are interested in making free cash online at the fastest time possible. This trend has forced a lot of online companies and business owners to create easier, smarter and faster ways for their customers to earn free cash while they shop online from their favorite e-commerce stores. 


The result will lead to higher conversion rates for sellers, that is for sure, because now their customers can make more purchases due to the reduction in the cost or selling price that has been set by merchants and sellers. 

Some of the strategies used by these top brands in order to achieve the results above include free vouchers and gift codes, points-based schemes and programs, e-wallet services to save digital value that can be used as a medium to replace real money value. 

There are a good number of customers who have studied this trend in the e-commerce sector and have also taken full advantage of the opportunities and exploited the benefits of such platforms and networks. Migo Express referral network program is easy and rewarding to join. Start earning cash while you shop online for free in Nigeria.

M.I.G or Migo Express Referral Network

To send a gift code and referral invite on m.i.g (migo express shop) to a friend, loved one or family member or any sort of colleague or business partner is very easy, safe and smart.

Firstly, the creator of the gift code must send an invite to a new contact by submitting the email address of the contact they would love to invite to join the referral program.

Visit this link to send an invite to a contact here

NOTE: - Gift codes cannot be sent to the same account creating the code. Each referral code created is assigned to a specific email account.

 A contact can only join a referral network program once. So, this means that the invite can only be sent to a customer provided the customer has not yet joined the program or applied for a gift code previously from a different creator.   As a gift code creator, you can invite as many friends and family members or business partners as possible.

The receiver of the gift code will be sent an email with a referral invite message. The contact must apply this gift code during check-out and successfully complete an online purchase. Once the order has been completed, the user of the gift code will be paid an amount directly into their E-wallet automatically. 

The value of the amount paid into the E-wallet depends on the check-out amount of the user of the voucher code or gift code. The gift code gives back to the customer the percentage value of their total check-out amount in Naira. 

This means that the higher value of your check-out amount will definitely result in a higher value paid into your E-wallet.

The referral code creator or the owner of the gift code is also issued a value, but this time in points. Every time a gift code is applied during check-out, the creator of the gift code earns more points, overtime this will also increase the value of the gift code percentage whenever a customer uses the gift code during check-out. 

These points earned can then be exchanged for vouchers and the value paid into the customer's E-wallet once the vouchers are applied through the redeem vouchers portal here.

Watch this video to learn how to redeem vouchers:

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