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Caption: new hot hip hop instrumental

Total Number Tracks : 1

  • Hip hop instrumental produced for mastered rappers and singers. Delve deeper into the sounds and hits of this track with your artistic mindset.

  • Enjoy this track and let me know if you love it, want it or not.

  • Are you Interested in listening to more of my instrumentals? Click the link below to view and listen to more beats Made By Diss Djay.

  • Rap or Sing on your track make to sure dance while you at it. It makes no difference when your that good to jump on a track like this.

  • Remember, As an Artist you are free to change the direction of the intended track through inspiration or any other source of motivation.

Vendor Location:FCT,
Abuja Municipal Area Council,
Jam Block, Galadima
Vendor Name:dis-djay-production


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every body - by diss djay

Title:every body - by diss djay

Genre: Hip Hop

9,467.00 (-25%)
Item Price: ₦7,100.00

every body - by diss djay

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