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Caption: stylish authentic shoes

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  • Liliana authentic fashion offers customers affordable clothing and top fashion outfits.

  • The shoe is available in various sizes. Size 6, size 7, size 8 and Size 9. The matching equivalent sizes include size 39, size 40, size 41 and size 42. European measurement standards.

  • It is made of materials like suede and bronze and silver accessories. Which gives it that classy stylish look that you deserve.

  • It is completely original and would last a pretty good time provided it is maintained with care always.

  • We offer free delivery services for orders within the federal capital territory and in most cases same day delivery services when you order early within the day.

  • Visit our online store front and glance through some of our amazing products. We do issue out free vouchers and special gift cards to loyal customers. Check us out today.

Vendor Location:FCT,
Plot 565 Dorcas Dede close
Vendor Name:justy-wears


classy designer shoes by liliana

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5,730.00 (-2%)
Item Price: ₦5,615.00

classy designer shoes by liliana

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