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Caption: stylish ladies casual footwear

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  • Liliana Casual Fashion Shoes has been around for a while now, providing its customers with fantastic and affordable outfits.

  • The quality heels causal shoe is available in size 7, size 8, size 9 for USA measurement standards which is equivalent to size 40, size 41, size 42 UK standard measurement.

  • Customers receive free delivery services when they shop from our online store front and we also offer same day delivery when you make your order early within the day.

  • The accessories used in making this shoe are durable and of high quality.Thus, we are completely assuring you that this product would last a good time and serve its purpose efficiently.

  • We also have a friendly return policy should you decide to return your purchased product for a swap or refund. Please read through Migo Express refund policy for more in-depth details.

Vendor Location:FCT,
Plot 565 Dorcas Dede close
Vendor Name:justy-wears


liliana casual fashion shoes for women

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Item Price: ₦4,442.00

liliana casual fashion shoes for women

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