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Caption: fashion trainers for comfort

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  • Naked Wolfe Sneakers is a game changer in the fashion industry. The top trainers offers amazing feet experience and comfort, coupled with long lasting features that will serve you right.

  • This sneakers is definitely everyones favorite foot wear. From the logo label down to the fashion accessories the sneakers speaks quality all the way.

  • I am not going spend too much time talking about this trainers because it speaks loud for itself. But you can give me a phone call to find out more about the product availability, color and size, I will be happy to attend to your needs promptly.

  • It is available from UK size 43 to size 46. The US equivalent of 9 - 12. In most cases we offer same day delivery service when you make your order early within the day and proximity closer to Imo. Or self pick option which allows you to pick-up the item at Migo Express Head office at a scheduled date and time.

  • Check us out here. Simply click the link below to see more amazing fashion wears.

Store Location:Imo
Brand Name:h-i-unisex-boutique-store


naked wolfe sneakers footwear

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Item Price: ₦20,700.00

Item Name: naked wolfe sneakers footwear

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