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Caption: quality designer shoe sandal

Total Number In Set : 1

  • Authentic Dior Shoe sandals has proven to be the best choice for gentle men alike. This fashion designer shoe sandals is guaranteed to offer comfort, quality and longevity all at the same time.

  • We are ready to supply this shoe in bulk quantities and in single sales format depending on the need of our customer. You can get in touch with us via our phone number displayed below.

  • Shopping right with us comes with the benefit of free delivery services when you make your order within the day or week. We deliver on time without complains or excuses.

  • This designer Dior Sandal is available in different designs and sizes. However, this particular Dior Sandals is available in UK size 44 and USA size 11 the equivalent.

Store Location:Imo
Brand Name:h-i-unisex-boutique-store


dark colored dior sandals

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Item Price: ₦43,200.00

Item Name: dark colored dior sandals

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