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Caption: real stylish bags by karkah

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  • Karkah crafts is a fashion brand that creates unique fashion accessories for stylish individuals.

  • This hand bag was hand made with shinny stones and a bronze handle. It is definitely going to last and very easy to maintain.

  • We have the same style available with longer handles and even shorter handles. And we can custom make your hand bag to meet any requirements that you would love.

  • This simple and easy to carry hand bag reflects uniqueness, creativity and style all at the same time. This is everything you would ever want from your outfit.

  • We offer same day delivery which is very fast within the day and sometimes delivery is also free in some areas in the federal capital territory.

  • Try us today and purchase this classy bag. We are 100% sure that you have made the right choice.

Vendor Location:FCT,
Plot 565 Dorcas Dede close
Vendor Name:justy-wears


karkah crafts handy bags from stones

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Item Price: ₦3,999.00

karkah crafts handy bags from stones

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