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Caption: foreign used corolla vehicle

  • The toyota Corolla 2015 has significant standard features:-Active front head restraints.

  • A tilt or telescoping steering wheel with accessory controls.

  • A 60 to 40-split folding rear seat. Front bucket seats, traction control.

  • A driver-side knee airbag, and side curtain airbags.

  • A CD stereo with iPod connectivity, an MP3 jack and Bluetooth enhanced connectivity.

  • New tyres along with brake system. Fully functional suspension system. No issues with transmission, body or engine with the vehicle.

Vendor Location:FCT,
Block 2D, Sadress Plaza
Vendor Name:Best-Capital-Cars-Ventures


toyota corolla 2015

Price: ₦7,200,000.00

toyota corolla 2015

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