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Caption: affordable bed spreading

  • BED COVER SIZE - Queen Bed Size: 1 duvet cover 90x90 inches, 4 pillow cases 20x26 inches, Plain Bed sheet spread 90x90 inches

  • SUPERB MATERIAL - Slip into comfort and luxury. This Duvet Bed spread cover set is made from 100% premium brushed Microfiber and pure cotton. It gives you the ultimate soft feel at a great value and keeps you comfortable all through the night. The duvet cover is luxurious, stylish, and the softest duvet cover you will ever own.

  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Ordinary washers and dryers can be used for easy care and washing of this set. Hand or machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. Avoid Bleaching or harsh chemicals during wash.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you decide to do yourself a favor and purchase this premium duvet cover, we want you to feel safe with your purchase. That is why we stand behind our product by offering you 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.

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Store Location:Abia
Brand Name:zeco-home-deco


authentic versace duvet

16,333.00 (-10%)
Item Price: ₦14,699.00

authentic versace duvet

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