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Caption: yamaha recording sound device

Product Condition : NEW

Connectivity : wired

Total Number In Set : 2

  • General specifications :- Speaker type :2-way bi-amp powered studio monitor. Frequency range :- 54Hz - 30kHz. Components LF : 5inches cone. HF :1inche dome. Crossover : 2kHz. Output power : 70W LF:45W, HF:25W. I&O connectors :XLR3-31 type balanced, PHONE balanced.

  • Power consumption : 45W. Shape :Bass-reflex type. Cabinet material :MDF. Dimensions :W 170mm or 6.7inches, H 285mm or 11.2 inches, D 222mm or 8.7inches. Net weight:-5.3kg.

Vendor Location:FCT,
Plot 543 Dorcas Dede Close. Behind Catherina School
Vendor Name:easy-sales-one-stop-store


easy-sales-new-yamaha hs-5 studio monitors

Item Price: ₦235,200.00

easy-sales-new-yamaha hs-5 studio monitors

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