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  • Grilllzzzz. yeah!!! I mean who does not Love things that Shine. Shinning Chains to other forms of Blink Blink are attributes most rappers or modern day Artistes can not do without.

  • Some people may consider this excessive spending and a waste of money, others may say it is another way to save money. But for us here, we consider it, as a form of Art. So since you can not afford to get a real Grilllzzzz, how about we print one on your favorite t-shirt.

  • Believe me the design output of this print job is exquisite and definitely Blinks Out your t-shirt. The Gold color which Glows at night time will keep you shinning all day and all night.

  • Free delivery services within Abuja, Nigeria. Try us today and experience top quality printing services and top quality cotton fabrics all at the same time.

  • It is really easy to wash and does not loose quality over time. It is also very durable even when exposed during harsh weather conditions.

  • The t-shirt is available for Kids and Adults of all sizes. This product is really affordable and we also offer same day delivery when you make a purchase early within the day.

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