classy fashion goddess outfit

Long Skirt Gown With Belt - Shanes Curve

₦ 25,499.00

long skirt gown with belt - shanes curve

best quality dress gowns

Golden Long Designer Dress Gown - Shanes Curve

₦ 43,590.00

golden long designer dress gown - shanes curve

good quality shirt dress short

Shirt Dress With Bum Short - Shanes Curve

₦ 32,299.00

shirt dress with bum short - shanes curve

designer dress made by shanes

Blue Short Dress - Quality Shanes Curve

22,000.00 (-2%)
₦ 21,560.00

blue short dress - quality shanes curve

top quality dress gown

Blue Dress Gown - Shanes Curve Designers

₦ 33,900.00

blue dress gown - shanes curve designers

stylish dress made by shanes

Shanes Curve - Classic Gown Apron

₦ 12,450.00

shanes curve - classic gown apron

good quality gowns by shanes

Classy Apron Gown Shanes Curve

44,670.00 (-5%)
₦ 42,436.00

classy apron gown shanes curve

cool authentic fabric designer

Shanes Curve Orange Long Gown

₦ 38,707.00

shanes curve orange long gown

cool designed oversized dress

A3 Essence Oversized Ripped Dress

₦ 12,000.00

a3 essence oversized ripped dress

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