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How to make online payments securely for your reservations after placing a booking?

Once your online quotation is ready you will have 30 minutes to make your online payment.

Reservations that exceed the time limit will automatically be canceled.

Customers will need to select a preferred delivery option:

Self pick up Mode or Migo Express Logistics Partners Delivers to Your door step.

Make your payments and receive your online booking ID.

Order Deliveries that are set with migo express logistics, the booked item(s) will be delivered directly to the address profile set by the customer when the booking request was submitted.

Deliveries that are set with self pick up option. A Google Map with directions is embedded to help you find your way to the physical store fronts.

The timeline to arrive at the physical store front is 60 minutes maximum.

When you arrive you will need to verify your reservation contents and accept the arrival signal that will be sent from the vendor seller online.