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How to list your product on migo express?

From your dashboard page click on add a product

First you will need to enter the product complete description

Slide to the second pane by clicking slide No. 2

Select the product section, the product type and the category for the product you are about to list

Slide to the third pane by clicking slide No. 3

Enter the product item name, a brief caption, the product price and a discount in percentage if applicable

Next slide to the fourth pane by clicking slide No. 4

Enter and select all size/measurement details for the product item you are listing.

Make sure to follow the size standards from the measurement guide.

Finally slide to the fifth pane by clicking slide No. 5. Add the profile image.

Click on the button with add multiple images if you intend to add more images for the item you are listing. You can add up to 14 multiple images.

Click on the Upload product button to submit

If you clicked on the button to add more images will be redirected to upload additional images

This is also where you can add a short video for your product