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Migo Express Nigeria Customer Marketplace Guide (M I G)

Customers need to have value in your E-wallet to make online payments for store items and services on migo express

There are 4 ways to receive (₦ naira) value into your E-wallet

1. Vouchers and Coupon Codes

2. Customer Arrival Bonuses

3. Referral Bonus

4. Points Exchange and Conversion

With value in your E-wallet you can pay for any product or service such as :-

Custom printing projects and graphic creation

Shopping cart items during check out

Online reservations and bookings from vendor owners

Select the city which you will like to shop from online

Filter the store type to get a precise store category from the city location you entered

Preview all the items in a catalogue format from the selected store online

Next submit a request online to book items from the vendor’s physical store

Finally you will receive an online quotation within 3 - 15 minutes for you to make payments securely online

Once your online quotation is ready you will have 30 minutes to make your online payment

Reservations that exceed the time limit will automatically be canceled

Customers will need to select a preferred delivery option

Self pick up Mode or Migo Express Logistics Partners Delivers to Your door step

Make your payments and receive your online booking ID

Delivery’s set with migo express logistics the booked item(s) will be delivered directly to the address profile set by the customer when the booking request was submitted.

Delivery's that are set with self pick up option. A Google Map with directions is embedded to help you find your way to the physical store fronts

The timeline to arrive at the physical store front is 60 minutes maximum

When you arrive you will need to verify your reservation contents and accept the arrival signal that will be sent from the vendor seller online

Add Items to your cart

Select your preferred delivery option

Self pick-up option (customers will need to visit migo express warehouse/store front for self pick up mode no payments for cart items will be made during check out for this option)

Migo Express Logistics Partners Delivers directly to your Doorstep

Next make payments securely from your account online

Customers can track the ordered items until the delivery is made to the ordered destination with a tracking ID for orders set with migo express logistics partners only.

You need to have a migo express customer account to fill out the custom request form.

Next select the project type that you want completed and also set a completion period for your project.

These are the available custom graphic project options available for customers online

1. Custom Printing and T-shirts/Clothing graphic Customization

2. Animation and Cartoon Creation Designs

3. Fine-Artwork and Paintings Projects

Customers can also add other optional details such as upload an Image and request for the completed project to be delivered to an address location outside of the F.C.T

The Customer will receive an online quotation within 3 - 15 minutes after submitting a custom request after which they can now make payments securely online

Project request made by customers have completion range duration of 60 minutes within a single day between Monday and Friday.

Customers can set a completion deadline for their projects. By selecting a period within the day between Mondays to Friday. The completion deadline does not include the time taken to send the finished project to the customer’s destination for deliveries outside of the FCT.

This deadline may also affect the price value of the total cost for your project (time and project complexity affects the cost pricing) as well as the cost for delivery to the ordered destination if applicable.

A much quicker time frame and project complexity will incur a higher project cost value in most cases

All project requests can be submitted at anytime of the week or hour for free.

Visit the Services Page when you log into your account

Click on Referral Network.

Enter the email address of the contact you will like to send out a referral invite and a gift code.

Make sure the user has not already joined the program otherwise this will not work.

There are no limits to how many referral invites you can send out.

When the gift code is used during check-out both the referee and the referred receive bonuses.

The referee (the customer sending the invite) receives points and the referred (the customer using the gift code) gets a percentage bonus paid directly into their E-wallet after they make a purchase online using their shopping cart.

Vouchers and Coupon Codes: - Customers can redeem free vouchers and cupon codes that in turn give value directly into your E-wallet in (₦ naira).

Customer Arrival Bonuses: - When you arrive before the 60 minutes time line for reservations made from online vendor sellers with self pick up mode. Customers receive a discount value paid directly into their E-wallet.

Referral Bonus: - When you use a referral invite Gift Code a percentage value of your total check-out amount is paid into your E-wallet after successfully completing a check out routine.

Points Exchange and Conversion: - Customers earn points when they give out referral invites these points can be converted into voucher codes and then redeemed back into your E-wallet at any time.

This all depends on certain factors

Refunds for bookings and reservations that are made from vendor sellers are processed immediately.

Refunds for orders made with shopping cart are processed within 3 days from when you first received the item.

Usually it takes about 20 minutes and in some cases within 3 - 5 days Max.

The customer can decide on any of the options to receive the refund amount. Refund amount paid directly into your bank account or transferred into your E-wallet.

To be eligible for a refund is really easy and straight forward.

There are two possible ways for customers to pay sellers on migo express and each has separate refund eligibility criteria's.

Refunds made with shopping cart:-

1. You must submit a return request and return the item(s) within 1 to 3 days

2. The item(s) must pass a verification test to be eligible for a refund

Refunds made from vendor sellers (bookings and reservations):-

1. Ignore the arrival signal sent from vendor seller(s) for self pick up option

Only customer orders made with shopping cart can submit a return request.

Log into your customer account

Visit the order management page

Click on make a return

Enter the details of the item you wish to return

1. Enter the Receipt No

2. Enter the Product Item Name

3. Select a reason for making the return

An agent will schedule a meet up to verify the item(s) directly

Payments will be processed immediately after verification is declared successful

The Answer is No.

Only orders made with the online shopping cart are permitted to submit an online return request on migo express platform.

When customers ignore the arrival signal and the 60 minutes arrival period elapsed the reservation is automatically canceled and the refund processed instantly

This is the only way to reject/refuse items sold by vendor sellers with self pick up Mode. It is a YES or NO Deal

For successful reservations set with Migo Express Delivery Logistics Partners as Delivery Mode the customer will be given a form to fill out physically during the delivery transaction

The refund amount will be processed immediately into your E-wallet